5 Reasons why Python Programming language is Perfect for kids

Python programming language is Perfect for Your Kids

Python Programming for kids – Programming is one of the most important 21st-century skills to teach kids in order to help them get ready for the future. It not only increases the number of job opportunities available but also develops computational thinking, Mathematical skills, self – confidence and provides digital literacy. Coding for kids can be a liberating and fascinating experience for them.

Python is a computer language that has surged in popularity in recent years. When picking which programming language to teach kids, it is one of the languages that comes highly recommended. This is due to the fact that it is a simple language to learn, has few syntactic rules & easy to implement for those who have learned Scratch, to easily progress with it as their first core computer language.

Why Python programming language is Perfect for Your Kids?

Here are the top five reasons why teaching python for kids and what are the benefits of python

  1. User-friendly programming languages

Python is one of the most user-friendly programming languages since it reads English instead of binary, which is made up of the numbers 0 and 1. It does not need kids to get familiar with numerous “coding rules,” also known as “syntax”.

Python uses fewer lines of code than Java, C, or any other language to achieve great results. It is without a doubt the computer language that is most similar to how humans think.

  1. Easy to understand

Python is simple to understand yet rapidly transforms ideas into applications since its syntax is similar to that of English. Due to its user-friendly architecture, kids as young as 10 may create lines of code in a lot fewer steps than in other programming languages. Because of this, kids may quickly learn the language and develop their skills in order to succeed in this competitive world. Thus, even if they have never coded before, kids find Python to be the most appealing language.

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  1. Growing popularity

In the Tiobe rankings released in August 2022, Python topped the list of most popular programming languages, increasing its market share by two percentage points from the previous month to an all-time high of 15.42%. It also received a share of 28.11% in the Pypl Popularity of Programming Language index, which measures language popularity based on Google searches for programming language tutorials.

The two statistics mentioned above show how quickly Python is growing in popularity and demonstrate its long-term viability. 

  1. Improved academic performance

Learning to program (python Programming for kids) helps kids in enhancing their overall academic performance. It helps kids to acquire strategies for understanding complex concepts, teamwork, and communication skills, all of which help them do well in school and accomplish their objectives. Additionally, it also encourages and inspires them to think of new ways to solve problems. Python, on the other hand, helps to improve their Mathematical skills, and if a kid enjoys Maths, they will be able to learn Python with ease. 

  1. Helpful for career

ALLEN IntelliBrain offers one of the best coding classes for kids in Grades 1 to 8 ( & above). The Childhood Development Team creates age – appropriate and well-structured courses. They have a team of highly qualified mentors and provide classes in an engaging and interactive environment. They also offer one of the most popular and demanding classes on Python programming for kids on which both parents and kids have given these classes great ratings and extremely positive feedback.

The options with Python are undoubtedly endless. Its general-purpose nature implies that it is meant to be utilized in a wide range of applications, including data science, machine learning, data analysis, product management, software and web development, automation, and more. Several well-known companies, like Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Netflix, are among those that have the most job openings for Python developers.

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