All You Need Know About ALLEN IntelliBrain Vedic Maths Classes For Kids

All You Need to Know About Vedic Maths Classes for Kids

“Develop Love for Numbers in your Kids”


Vedic Maths or Vaidik Ganit is a collection of amazing ancient Indian Mathematical Techniques compiled by Jagadguru Swami Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj. It consists of 16 Sutras or main formulae and 13 sub formulae which can be applied to solve a wide range of Mathematical problems.

The simple and easy Vedic Maths methods enable kids to befriend numbers and perform faster and more accurate calculations.  When we use long and complex calculation techniques, which require a lot of time and effort, there is room for error. Vedic Maths reduces complex calculations to just one or two steps, which can be performed mentally, just in a few seconds.


ALLEN CAREER INSTITUTE with a 34 year legacy of successfully shaping the careers of more than 2.5 million students world-wide has now taken up the delicate task of childhood development through its unique initiative ALLEN IntelliBrain.

ALLEN IntelliBrain Childhood Development and Pedagogy Experts have designed an array of revolutionary programmes, based on the National Education Policy, 2020 to ensure well-balanced brain development in kids from the earliest stage. 

Childhood is a time of joy as well as learning. Care needs to be taken to ensure that kids can develop their full potential without feeling stressed or pressurised. Many kids these days are facing undue stress due to poor performance in Mathematics.

ALLEN IntelliBrain Vedic Maths Live Online Classes aim at fulfilling the vital need for building Mathematical skills in kids in a fun and easy manner to boost their academic performance as well as prepare them for a bright future.


Vedic Maths @ ALLEN IntelliBrain is designed for kids of grades 1 to 8 (& Above)  in a flexible Online Mode for the ease and comfort of learning from their homes as per their schedules. 

The Vedic Maths programme for each grade is available in three modules: Beginner (10-12 Sessions), Intermediate (18-24 Sessions) and Advanced (26-36 Sessions). The Number of Sessions in each Module may vary as per the Kid’s Grade.

Different types of Batches (Weekday/ Weekend/ Holiday Special) are run throughout the year. Batches are available with either English or Hindi + English, as the mode of instruction. 

Kids can opt for any suitable batch as per availability. Parents may also call the Intelli Child Development experts for personalised counselling, to understand the child’s development graph and choose the perfect programme/Module.


Maths is not a Subject, it is a Skill. Therefore, just learning random Vedic Maths tricks is not the way to acquire or improve Math Skills. It requires clear understanding and rigorous practice.

The ALLEN IntelliBrain Vedic Maths Live Online Classes are well-structured and each module is mapped with grade-wise academics to be relatable and practical. The concepts are delivered in an easy and highly interactive manner using fun audio-visuals to create natural interest in kids.

Kids are guided towards rigorous practice of techniques learnt in solving problems in their school Maths textbooks as well as in real-life situations. Revision sessions, Practice Sheets, App-based doubt clearance, live assessments, performance reports, e-PTMs and certification enhance the learning experience and ensure efficient screen-time utilisation.

In a survey conducted among the parents of Vedic Maths students at ALLEN IntelliBrain in 2020-21, 93% observed an increase in calculation speed, 92% in calculation accuracy and 89% in the confidence of their kids. 

Learning Vedic Maths also improves concentration, memory, critical thinking, logical reasoning, confidence and competitive spirit and has an overall positive impact on the personality of kids. 

ALLEN IntelliBrain Vedic Maths Classes thus, replace the fear of Maths in kids with a love for numbers which give them a winning edge in the 21st Century.


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