How Can a kid Overcome Maths Phobia?

How to Overcome Maths Phobia?

Overcome Maths Phobia – Maths is one of the subjects that students fear the most out of all the subjects taught in school. There have been cases and events where kids have experienced severe trauma when approaching the subject. In fact, the term “Math-o-phobia” was coined to describe the fear, tension, and anxiety associated with one’s ability to do Maths. This anxiety impairs a kid’s ability to perform well in exams.

How to Overcome Maths Phobia

In order for kids to do well on their school exams, it is crucial that they overcome their Maths phobia. Here are some strategies for Overcoming Maths phobia.

1. Acknowledge the phobia

The initial step in resolving any issue is always acceptance and facing the issue head-on. It’s important to sit down with the kids and discuss their fears. Helping kids accept that they might not enjoy or find maths more challenging than other subjects acts as a significant stress reliever. It makes them feel comfortable facing and discussing any problems they may be experiencing.

2. Find out the root cause

Once the issues have been discussed, the next step is to determine the causes of the Maths Phobia. It is always important to understand why the kid is feeling the way he or she is. It could be that the kid’s Maths foundation is weak, that the teaching method is dull and uninteresting, or that there are far too many tests, all of which increase anxiety.

3. Reinforce the kid’s sense

Positive reinforcement can have benefits that go beyond one’s expectations. It can tap into their individual strengths, draw attention to their personality traits and interests and ultimately empower them to be more of themselves. Instead of punishments, it is important to motivate them through rewards. A few words of encouragement and praise can have an incredibly positive impact on their learning and academic success.

4. Tackle one problem at a time

It can be overwhelming when there are too many concerns to focus on and overcome. As a result, it is critical to prioritize and devote all of one’s energy to the single most important issue at a time. It may require a lot of patience and commitment and progress may be slow. However, the end result of the kid’s progress will be worthwhile.

5. Show them the use of Maths

Maths is all around us. From grocery shopping to pizza slicing, drawing patterns to measuring portions for recipes. Instead of concentrating on difficult theories and formulas, it is crucial to demonstrate the relevance of learning Maths. Give them the opportunity or hands-on activities to apply Maths in real life to develop their interest and understanding its importance.

6. Encourage them to play through maths toys

Making learning fun and simple in the early years can work wonders. It helps in the breakdown of complex problems and the installation of solid fundamentals. Introducing them to a variety of authentic Maths games, puzzles, learning materials and activities can help them overcome their fear of Maths

Maths, as one of the most important life skills, teach kids how to solve problems, measure things, and develop spatial awareness. As a result, addressing phobia of maths must be a top priority. 

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