How Coding Empowers 21st-Century Kids?

Coding Classes

According to National Education Policy 2020, coding is made accessible for kids to learn at the school level. Schools are keen to include coding into their curriculum as it opens new avenues to make tech-savvy kids. Many schools have already taken steps in the same direction. 

However, some parents are still on the fence about such a leap in their kid’s education. Because we have only considered it as a skill for adults until recently, this has been quite new to many parents. Although, they are noticing the merits of kids learning to code after the introduction of NEP 2020. 

Coding skills are a must to survive in this technology-dominated world. Let’s see the top 5 ways coding can empower you kids in 21st century.

  • Heightens math abilities 

Kids need a good grasp of maths as it is a big part of our lives. Whether it is for Studies day to day calculations, or regular activities, we need to know the number game. If kids don’t develop their ability in maths, they will struggle all their lives. So it is important to heighten their math abilities from a young age itself. 

Coding helps you so much with that goal. Working with several coding projects makes math more realistic & Practical.  

  • A shift in the skills

The most sought-after skills now are quite different from what they used to be a decade or two before. We are seeing a huge shift in the in-demand skills and it has opened up a range of profitable career options. 

This is good news as it brings in more employment opportunities. Now, coding is one of the top three essential skills in this time and age. Because it is that important, neglecting it means only missing out on precious opportunities. 

Another reason why NEP 2020 suggested learning to code as a vital skill for kids. This way, we can create a generation of capable individuals, which ultimately is the progress of the country itself. 

  • Enables overall empowerment

Gone are the days when marks are everything. In today’s were there are many other things to support bright future of Kids. To become a competent person in the future, kids also require exposure to a whole set of skills apart from marks. Examples are critical thinking ability and creative problem-solving. 

Coding also develops such crucial skills in kids. This stimulates overall brain development. 

  • Coding is the new face of the future

Coding is a massively in-demand skill. A lot of companies, both big and small alike, are constantly on the lookout for skilled coders. Not to mention, some companies don’t mind even hiring kids as their coders, if they are extremely skilled. To create such mastery, it is so important to begin as early as possible. 

The future is dependent on technological skills and advancements so a skill like coding can bring fruitful opportunities for kids. 

  • Increased earning potential

Usually, freshers start with basic pay, as we all know it. However, with coding, your kids can start at higher pay than in other fields. This doesn’t just stop there. There is a rapid career growth potential with time and experience. 

This not only secures your kid’s career but also helps them to get satisfaction out of their work. 

Finally, last but not the least, kids will learn concepts through implementation rather than endless theory. This ensures better concentration on the kids’ part.  

ALLEN IntelliBrain Coding Classes is now one of the best Coding Online Learning programmes you can find. Its early childhood development specialists are confident that all of the merits of learning coding are ingrained into this course. The curriculum is designed to cater to kids from grades 1 to 8 (& above). 

Let me give you the concise benefits of joining your kid in IntelliBrain Coding Courses

  1. One-on-one training sessions are most empowering for kids to develop skills that are rarely taught at schools. 
  2. Kids will become tech-savvy, which is a valuable talent in this technology-oriented world. 
  3. Coding teaches resilience and teamwork to kids, which going forward will prove to be invaluable in your kid’s career. 
  4. It can also help the students develop confidence, decision-making ability, and problem-solving abilities. 

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