How Skool Plus can help Kids with Academics

Olympiad books

Adults work and kids study. These are the primary jobs of each. If they fail to do it diligently, they suffer all their lives. 

As their guardians, we must provide them with all the best possible resources to study & achieve well.

Honestly, kids are facing fierce competition in the world. So it is our responsibility to make studies enjoyable and beneficial for the kids. This helps them in understanding the subject well, enjoy the learning, and thus score higher grades at school. 

Asking kids to rely only on school material is not fair. They need much more to learn more. 

ALLEN Skool Plus workbooks are a phenomenal addition to your kid’s curriculum. Here are the 6 reasons why: 

Olympiad workbooks

Skool Plus workbooks are excellent material for Olympiad Exam preparation. These workbooks perfectly align with both State and CBSE curriculums. So one need not worry about disrupting their kid’s learning pattern. These materials perfectly blend with other curriculums. 

Skool Plus simply lets kids learn more about a subject or a particular concept. It’s all about facilitating deeper learning.

Crisp & Precise Theory

Kids are naturally curious and that is the way they should be to learn as they grow. This curiosity for things is what makes them interested in learning and that learning is going to aid their overall brain development. 

In simple terms, when kids learn with curiosity and zeal, they learn better and grow better. Skool Plus books have a concise theory that is easily apprehendable. It has colourful illustrations that are engaging for the kids. 

Real-life application

One of the features to pride in is teaching kids the real-life application of concepts studied. Whatever the subject may be, if kids don’t have an idea about its real-life usage, it’s going to be a huge problem. 

When kids learn the real-life application of a subject, they tend to retain that knowledge for a long time. For instance, imagine a kid going to a store to make a purchase and need to handle money on spot. It puts their knowledge to the test and this leaves a deeper imprint in their mind. 

This is a huge help in boosting their academic performance as well. 

Independent and experiential learning

Let it be the theory or the examples illustrated, Skool Plus workbooks are designed in such a way that makes learning quite a joy ride for kids. Without much help guardians, kids can go through the content of these workbooks and learn by themselves. 

Because the content is straight to the point and the examples are easily understandable. This not only enables them to learn more but also develops an independent mindset. Plus, all the real-life examples given in the books enable experiential learning in kids. 

Speed and accuracy

Practice makes way for perfection. It’s a universal fact. The more one practises something, the better they get at it.

As an extended benefit of the previous point; the kid’s speed and accuracy also gets boosted with such concise and practical learning material. These workbooks contain 1800+ objective practice questions that make students quick at problem-solving.

Confidence building

Confidence plays a huge part in a kid’s life. If there’s a gap between a kid’s age and his level of knowledge, it can be a huge hit to their confidence. That’s how the way kids learn and apply the knowledge transforms the way they feel about themselves. This further encourages them to become goal-driven. 

Thus, with all these and more benefits, Skool Plus is surely going to positively transform your kid’s learning. 

ALLEN IntelliBrain is a bundle of edutainment programmes for Grades 1-8 that are aimed to foster a kid’s imaginative mindset and thinking ability. 

Skool Plus is one of its programs, which includes a set of workbooks created in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020.

The Childhood Development Experts ingrained workbooks with all the necessary knowledge a kid requires to boost learning. 

Other features include:

  • The best part about Skool Plus is the content is designed in a way to be brain trainers for kids. 
  • Crisp content about 100+ topics and with 1800+ practical questions. These are not only meant to learn but to practice and retain. 
  • Builds temperament for Competition. After completing each topic, the kid will build a taste for deeper learning, perfecting, and thus will be ready to take on any competitive exams in the future.

Things such as these build the overall learning experience for a kid. 


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