Making Act Of Kindness a Norm

Kindness, the religion above all…

Getting kids to be kind should be one priority for every parent. It is your priority for your children, let them know about it, shout out.  We should be cultivating the atmosphere here in our homes. This act doesn’t seem to be so big but affects us wholly and in a great way. It all the way improves the quality of our life. It takes us ahead towards better and the best.

Kindness is defined as a quality and considered as a virtue of being friendly, concern and caring for people and our loved ones around. To make it easier, love, affection, warmth and being gentle are some words which come along with this term.

In the world, where we see cruelty in many forms, a special mention goes to the life of children and teenagers, where many of them are bullied and teased for numerous things. It is a crucial part to take our ‘future of Nation’ towards a ‘World of Kindness’.

Sometimes for getting success, we keep in mind only one thing- “The fittest will survive” and go loose on emotions. We also forget that the method of achieving success by hook or by crook can break some people. We really need to open our eyes. Open eyes to what people are suffering through. Kindness is to be equally happy for others on their success.

It should not be a matter of concern for us that when and how often people are kind to us. We have various opinions on how to make the world a better place, though no one wants to practice this in their own backyard. Look into yourself and think- “When was the last time I was being kind to others?”, because everything starts from within.

We are thrust into this world as newborns and enriched by our parents and family with kindness for ensuring our years. We should also carry forward this essential act for development of mankind.

Let’s cherish our very own old memories and teach our children some easy yet important gestures of kindness:

  1. Take a pet, do the great: small and lovely pets are always favorite of kids. Taking a small animal at home will teach the child easily the meaning of empathy and they will love to help them.
  2. Elders are always dear: we always hear that there should always be an elder person in home and this is the truth. Respecting our dearly elders is a courtesy which should be ingrained in all of us. Manners are to treat them with great respect and dignity. Sadly, dignities have been largely forgotten in today’s society. Our elders have great wisdom and experience. They are the best in teaching about life. Best at giving advice. The best they can teach to our children at an early age is to show respect to every person around. If they are talking, listen to them, don’t interrupt them. It will also make them happy and they will feel good.

What else do we need?


  • Feed the birds: make a homemade bird feeder and put in some food and water for birds. Show its need and importance to your kids and transfer this gesture of kindness to them.
  • Donate to those in need: modern world is facing many crisis and poverty is one of them. This is another important thing to teach our children about. Old clothes and toys are great to start. This way at least someone would have something good to wear and play with. This gesture of you will fill someone with smiles.
  • No matter you like or dislike: it is very easy to be kind to our loved ones or with those people we like and have no enimity with. But the real challenge is to be kind with those who we don’t like. Treat those people the same way as you treat those who you like. If anything happened because of difference of opinion, forget it and move on. If you behave in a kind way and smile, will give yourself a sense of happiness.

As and when our children will grow up, this will surely be one thing that happen when they will have some well-wisher while some people will be opposite. Prepare them well.

  • Do nothing: being kind is not about what you do but also about what you don’t choose to do. Not saying bad things for others, not make any statement in mind. Children should be taught well in advanced that if something doesn’t seem to be unkind or unfair, stop doing it. “It is possible to be kind in every way and it is possible every time”.

Above mentioned are the things that should be inculcated in our children. Remember, whatever you will do, the same things your children will grab and follow. Thus, elders should always be conscious of what they do or what they say.

‘Kindness is valuable and a necessary part of our life. Make the most of it.’


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